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Jason P. B McMahon

Jason had over 20 successful years in commercial sales, growing with the bonuses of nice cars, doubling his salary in commission, and all the perks, but life was going to take Jason on a sudden change of path in the opposite direction.  Following redundancy, divorce and the sudden death of his mother, his life took a different path.  After spiraling with mental health issues and struggling for work, he took a new role in corporate fundraising at a homeless support charity. Now Jason visits businesses speaking to more than 5,000 people every year to educate, inspire and raise support to help people have a second chance in life.  Not earning the salary or the commission as previously, but equally not working 50,60, 70, 80+ hours a week, Jason works less than 37hrs a week and his commission in life is seeing what the charity does with the money raised, and the positive immediate impact to sharing his story.

Soon after starting at the charity and hearing some of the clients' stories, he realised that we all can be so close to slipping into a sudden crisis - a change in circumstances, financial difficulties, affording a place to live, the majority all with aspects of poor mental health. 


Jason now uses his recent journey in life to inspire employers to be more educated & employees to reach out for support at times of need through personal talks, mental health awareness training as a professional training provider and community outreach in a voluntary capacity.


Member of the professional speakers association 

Mental Health First Aid Instructor & Trainer

Berkshire Rugby - Mental Health Ambassador

'We have been inundated with positive feedback'


"Jason spoke with integrity, honesty and depth.  His personal story engaged the whole team throughout his session and left valuable reflections on how we can all look after our own mental health, and how Investec can support us in times of need."

thought provoking

'I've seen lots of business speakers over the years who were intended to be inspiring, but Jason's presentation ‎will stay longer in the memory and his real life story was genuinely thought provoking and an inspiration.’

'One of the most interesting, honest and emotional presentations I have ever seen.'

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